3 Steps to Buying a Car


Buying your first car can be a magical experience, but it can also be quite overwhelming. With so many options in cars, trucks, and SUVs, it’s imperative that you follow the following steps to ensure your needs and lifestyle are perfectly matched with the vehicle you choose. The good news is that at Glenbrook Dodge Chrysler Jeep, we know what to expect when buying your first car, and we’d like to impart that information to you.

Step 1: Research

Do you have a growing family? Maybe a Chrysler Pacifica is what you need. Are you fresh out of school and want to make sure you have a vehicle that will take you places in a timely manner? Check out the Dodge Challenger or Dodge Journey. Or did you get your driver’s license and want something that’s equal parts practical and thrilling? Check out the RAM 1500 pickup. Once you figure out your needs through research, the next step will be more enjoyable.

Step 2: Test Drive

We’ve all dreamt of what your first car will feel like. The easy-to-grip steering wheel, the responsive gas pedal, or the rumble of the V6 engine. And we don’t want to forget about the details like the cup holders, the feel of the air conditioner, or the easily connectable devices. All of this can be experienced with one simple task – the test drive. Only a test drive will let you know if you’ve found the right vehicle for your unique needs. This is also the time to really pay attention to how the vehicle drives—is the braking responsive? Is it easy to reverse?

Step 3: Finance

The finance part of your vehicle buying experience can be the most overwhelming. But don’t forget that shopping for your first car is a special time, so don’t get caught up with the finances too much. The finance team at our Dodge dealership serving Warsaw, IN aims to help and listen to all your needs. No matter the budget, credit history, or down payment, our team of experts will be there to guide you.

Why Choose Glenbrook Dodge Chrysler Jeep?

We are committed to helping every customer find a car that matches them perfectly. We have a special interest with those who are buying a vehicle for the first time because we know how exciting it can be, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a first-time buyer drive off our lot located at 100 W. Coliseum in the vehicle of their dreams.